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Sunday 15th January

“Believe” – John 3:1-26 – Jesus the Light (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 22nd January

“Believe” – John 4:1-42 – Jesus the Water (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 29th January

“Believe” – John 4:43-5:15 – Jesus the Healer (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 5th February

“Believe” – John 6 – Jesus the Bread of Life (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 12th February

“Believe” – John 9 – Jesus – sight (Al James)

Sunday 19th February

“Believe” – John 10 – Jesus the Good Shepherd (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 26th February

“Believe” – John 11 – Jesus the Resurrection and the Life (Al James)

Sunday 5th March

“Believe” – John 12 – Jesus the King (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 12th March

“Believe” – John 13 – Jesus the Servant (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 19th March

“Believe” – John 14 – Jesus the Way, Truth and Life (Al James)

Sunday 26th March

“Believe” – John 15 – Jesus the Vine (Al James)

Sunday 2nd April

“Believe” – John 17 – Jesus the Man of Prayer (Jason Smith)

Sunday 9th April

“Believe” – John 18 – Jesus the Criminal (Al James)

Thursday 13th April (Maundy Thursday)

“Believe” – John 15:26-16:15, 18:28-40 – What is Truth? (Bruce Stanley)

Friday 14th April (Good Friday)

“Believe” – John 19 – Jesus the Sacrifice (Al James)

Sunday 16th April (Easter Day)

“Believe” – John 20 – Jesus the Resurrected (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 23rd April

“Believe” – John 21- Jesus the Fisherman (Bruce Stanley)

Sunday 30th April

New Series begins this week – “Life Matters” – Bible teaching from the 2nd letter of Paul to Timothy.[/x_accordion_item][/x_accordion][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]