Meet the St Phil’s Staff Team

The St Phil’s staff are a diverse team of men and women who seek to serve Jesus by helping the people in our community mature in Christ.

Bruce Stanley

Bruce is the Senior Minister of St Philip’s. He oversees the ministry of the Church, and also pastors the 8am and 9:30am English speaking services. Bruce is married to Heather and they have 3 children – Flynn, Jonah and Asher. He completed his Bachelor of Divinity at Moore College in 2001. Bruce previously served as Rector of Waitara Anglican Church for 9 years.


David Yue

David is the pastor of the 11am dual language (Cantonese and Mandarin) service. He is married to Paulina and they have a daughter Melody. He loves adventure and challenges, but following Christ is the most adventurous journey in his life. David is currently trying to reduce his golf handicap to below 30 (that’s a challenge too!).


Al James

Al James joined St Phil’s ministry team in February 2017.  Al is a graduate of Moore College (2012) and is married to Susie.  They have 3 children.  He has been in full time ministry for the past 4 years at Killara Anglican Church. At St Phil’s, Al now oversees the ministry of the Night Church (6:30pm) congregation as well as the mid week youth and and young adults ministries.



Raymond Leung

Raymond oversees our ministry to Mandarin speakers. Raymond is the pastor of the new 9:30am Mandarin service which began in February 2016. He is married to Jessie and they have a son, Christopher. He completed his Bachelor of Theology at Moore College in 2009.


Jason Smith

Jason is the Children’s & Youth Ministry Coordinator for St Philip’s. He oversees all of the regular Children’s ministry programmes plus our Junior High program and youth small group network (D-Teams). Jason also love to teach lots of scripture. Jason is married to Abigail. He enjoys spending time with Abi, listening to music, and watching Doctor Who.



Kylie Dismorr

Kylie assists in the day to day administration of the church. She works Tuesday and Thursday. Kylie loves to travel and explore different places. Discovering more of God, Jesus and the Bible are a favourite occupation too. She is a bit of a culture nut who likes art galleries and reading. Kylie is married to Andrew and they have two children (who hate art galleries!).


Our Vision

To be a diverse and multi-ethnic fellowship of God’s people, growing in love and membership, impacting our community and the world with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

To present every person in our community mature in Christ.

To make this happen we give priority to:

Bringing people to Jesus

Growing people as Jesus’ disciples

Expressing our love for Jesus and for one another

Training people as his servants

Supporting others in the same mission

At St Philip’s we care about:

Being Evangelical in Theology – Grace alone, Bible alone, Christ alone, Faith alone.

Being multi-ethnic/international by being culturally relevant and adapting to the changing culture of our area.

Unity in the gospel and our mission while having diversity in ministry. We are one church but multiple congregations/fellowships each with its own distinctive style/culture.

Growth Groups. These growth groups (Bible study groups) lie at the centre of our ministry.

Love which leads to service. We want to be known for a love that leads to people growing in Christ and as servants to others.

Children. Growth in Christ starts from childhood. Therefore we have a special focus on growing good, effective ministry to children.

Training & sending people into ministry – encouraging everyone to be a servant.

Having an evangelistic focus. We want to grow in numbers to see more people in the kingdom.

The people of St. Philip’s have led a rich and active existence over more than 100 years now. In the early days they met in a tent, or the local community hall. Since 1907 we have been meeting in the present building.

As a Bible based evangelical church, we have always shared a fundamental conviction that God and his word reveal the truth about our life and existence, and are absolutely reliable.

The motivation for gathering as the church, for encouraging one another to follow Jesus and for making the life choices we do, are understood in the light of what we read and learn in the bible.

St. Phil’s members love being part of such a friendly and caring community and we feel confident you will enjoy it as well.

Growth Groups

Every week. Different days and evenings. All ages.

Anyone is welcome to join a growth group at St Phils. Growth groups are a great place to study God’s word together from the Bible, and to encourage each other.

There are groups for teenagers, adults, men, women, families with young children, young adults, seniors … and there are groups on most days of the week.

For more information, please contact Bruce Stanley

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